Film Studies PhD with Concentration in French

PhD in Film Studies with a Concentration in French

The PhD in Film Studies with a Concentration in French is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental degree that allows students to work at the intersection of film studies and French studies. Students will acquire a firm grounding in the disciplinary methodologies of both fields at all stages of the program. Film studies coursework stresses the history, theory, and aesthetics of international cinema, video, television, and new media. French seminars anchor students in the literary and cultural history of France and Francophone countries, while enabling students to pursue theoretical, aesthetic, and historical questions in the broader field of film studies.

While the student will earn a PhD in Film Studies (granted by the Film Studies Program), he or she will be a full member of the Department of French and Italian. French will appear as an Area of Concentration on the student’s transcript. Students will receive pedagogical training and teaching experience in both Film Studies and French. This degree thus equips students to craft a unique professional path which, given the increasing importance of visual culture in the teaching of French at all levels, will make them extremely desirable as educators and researchers.

Students must fulfill all of the requirements for the PhD in French Language and Literature as well as the core courses in Film Studies (Film History/Theory I ENGFLM 2451 and Film History/Theory II ENGFLM 2452) and the Film Studies Proseminar ENGFLM 2905, taught by interdisciplinary Film Studies faculty. They must also complete four elective Film Studies courses (which may overlap with French requirements). Of the total six required seminars, the student must take at least two courses taught by a member of the faculty outside of French. These courses can include the two required core courses as well as any of the four electives.

Preliminary Examination/Evaluation: The two required core courses in Film Studies (Film History/Theory I and II) will serve as the preliminary exam in Film Studies.  Successful completion of these two classes with a grade of B or better will constitute passing the preliminary examination. Students must also pass the required preliminary evaluation conducted by the French faculty at the end of the first year of enrollment.

Comprehensive Examination: The comprehensive examinations must contain at least one component focusing on Film Studies and at least one component on French Studies (including its relation to cinema). At least one member of the exam committee will be a member of the graduate faculty in Film Studies.

Dissertation Committee: The PhD dissertation will be completed in the Department of French and Italian and must involve film and/or media studies as subject matter incorporated with French studies (as determined by the dissertation director). The Chair of the dissertation committee will be a graduate faculty member in the Department of French and Italian who is also a member of the interdisciplinary Film Studies graduate faculty. The external member of the committee will be a member of the Film Studies graduate faculty from outside the Department of French and Italian.

Teaching: All film PhD students will be required to serve as TA/TF for at least one film class. If the Department of French and Italian does not offer a film course or has no TA/TF positions for a film course, students will be required to teach one term of the undergraduate course Introduction to Film (or another such introductory course developed in the future) as part of his/her overall experience as a TA/TF.

Admissions: For detailed information on admissions to the PhD in Film Studies with a Concentration in French, please consult the Film Studies website.