French PhD with MA en route

PhD with MA en route

This degree is intended for students who wish to pursue the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in French Language and Literature but who do not already hold an M.A. in this field or in a closely-related discipline.  Students must first successfully complete the requirements for the M.A. in French Language and Literature above, normally within their first two years of full-time enrollment. Students doing the Ph.D. with the M.A. en route will be awarded an M.A. degree at the completion of these requirements.

To ensure the acquisition of a broad knowledge of French literature and culture, candidates must have had taken at least one course or one exam in each field (Middle Ages, Renaissance, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries and African and Caribbean literatures) before they reach candidacy.

Before students may be considered for admission to candidacy for the Ph.D., they must successfully complete a minimum of five 2000 - level courses (15 credits) beyond the M.A. In addition, the candidate must present an oral explication de texte before a faculty committee and pass written and oral comprehensive examinations. The Ph.D. language requirement will normally be satisfied at the M.A. level.  The coursework must include:

  1. At least one French graduate course that takes a linguistic perspective (e.g., History of French, Readings in Old and Middle French).
  2. FR 2710 (if not taken at the M.A. level) and an additional course in literary or cultural theory.
  3. With the adviser's consent, students are free to take some of the additional required courses in other departments. Students in French are encouraged to pursue certification in one of the various programs offered by the University (EUCE, Global Studies, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Women's Studies). However, only three exterior courses may count towards the degree in French.

Students must also complete two substantial article-length papers (20-30 pages) of publishable quality, one in French and one in English, usually based on papers written in graduate seminars. Upon admission to candidacy, the candidate will write and defend a doctoral dissertation.

Upon admission to candidacy, the candidate will write and defend a doctoral dissertation.