Anne Ganster

Anne Ganster is currently in her fifth year of the Ph.D. program in French literature.  Her dissertation, entitled “Entre Nous: Revealing the Private in Contemporary French and Québecois Women’s Autofiction,” argues that autofiction functions as a political tool for women writers that allows them to gain agency outside of a gendered framework by representing their lived, bodily experiences in a paradoxically impersonalized way.  They do so by reworking established forms of narration such as the tragic, erotic, and comedic genres.  Her research interests include 20th and 21st century French and Francophone literature, women’s writing, and autobiography.  Her article “Le Premier Homme d’Albert Camus: l’individu de l’autofiction et de la Méditerranée” was recently published in the Cahiers du GRELCEF.