David Spieser-Landes

David Spieser-Landes comes from Alsace where he grew up speaking French, Elsässerditsch (Alsatian) and Hochdeutsch (German).
His dissertation, titled “The Politics of Aesthetics: Nation, Region and Immigration in Contemporary French Culture,” uses Jacques Rancière’s theoretical framework to examine the role of “French” literature in imagining a homogeneous “French” “nation” diachronically, but also to analyze the different ways in which “regional literature”/cultural production (e.g. André Weckmann’s “Alsatian novels”) and “banlieue literature”/cultural production (e.g. Abd al Malik’s rap) are effectively breaking national unison in present-day France.
Before coming to Pittsburgh, David Spieser-Landes earned a French Master’s Degree in American Civilization from Université Lyon 2, France. He then held a Teaching Assistantship at Penn State University, and taught French for two years at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA