Candice Guerbeau

  • she/her/elle

Candice is a PhD student (with MA en route) in the French program. Originally from France, she studied Political and Social Sciences at Sciences Po Lille, from where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Communication. She holds a second Master’s degree in Sociology, from the University of Lille. Through her academic work and experiences in social work, she has developed a great interest in gender and sexuality studies, as well as researching. After working as a French teaching assistant in Spain, she became interested in teaching, and she went back to France to teach English to kids. However, she discovered a true passion in teaching her own language through her Fulbright experience as primary teacher of French at Susquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA), and as she is aiming to teach in higher education, she decided to enroll in the French PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh.