Gina Mangravite

Gina is a first year MA student in the Italian program. She received a BA in Comparative Literature with a minor in Italian from Franklin & Marshall College in 2012, where she wrote her senior thesis on mother-daughter relationships in Italian and American Y.A. literature. During her undergraduate career, Gina spent three summers studying with F&M in Vicchio, Italy, while in the last two acting as the T.A. for the program. During her senior year at F&M, Gina worked as the research assistant to Dr. Faleschini Lerner on her recently published book, Carlo Levi’s Visual Poetics. She also published an essay of her own, “La fusione tra la scrittura e l’arte visiva: Adriano Spatola & la poesia visiva” in The Kennesaw Tower (vol 4), an undergraduate foreign language journal. Gina’s interests include portrayals of the south, immigration, and women in post 18th century literature and film.