FRIT Research Networks

The intellectual and curricular work of our department emerges from four research networks that reflect our interdisciplinarity and engagement with the most pressing questions of our time: Film and Media; Gender and SexualityNation/Transnation; and Environment.

Current Faculty Research

Learn more about the FRIT faculty's current research projects and recent publications

Graduate Research

Graduate students in the Department of French & Italian produce, disseminate, and exchange cutting-edge research through their biennial conference, regular Faculty-Graduate Seminars, teaching and mentoring, MA theses, and doctoral dissertations. 

Undergraduate Research

FRIT undergrads have limitless opportunities to engage in original research, whether as faculty assistants or as emerging scholars in their own right. Learn more about research credit, research stipends and fellowships, and honors options at the departmental and Honors College levels. Read about recent honors theses and about our Undergraduate Research Conference in the Modern Languages.

FRIT's Intellectual Community

Our intellectual community extends well beyond our work as individual researchers; it is made up of regular Faculty-Graduate Seminars, a long list of distinguished visitors, and intellectual collaborations with colleagues, institutions, and networks around the world.