About Language Programs

The goal of our programs is to help students develop a competency in both comprehending and producing the foreign language as well as in communicating with members of the target culture.


Contact the undergraduate advisors with any questions about the majors and minors. For those who declared a major or minor in either French or Italian, find out who your advisor is.


Undergraduate applicants are encouraged to apply online through the University of Pittsburgh Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. For more information, visit the School of Arts and Sciences Web site.

Language Placement

Take the French language self-assessment to determine which level is right for you. Complete the Italian Program online placement assessment to guide you in selecting the appropriate level; more information is available within the placement assessment.

Course Offerings

Learn more about the recent courses offered by both the French and Italian departments.


The French division offers a complete language program which allows students to encounter the Francophone world through a broad selection of coursework.


The Italian division of the department offers a complete language-training program which allows students to encounter the Italian world through a broad selection of coursework.

Teaching Certification in French and Italian

The University of Pittsburgh believes that you need to master your content area of Italian or French during undergraduate education before learning how to teach your subject to students. Read more about foreign language teacher certification at Pitt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our programs further by exploring the frequently asked questions.